Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search

Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search

Relevanssi Premium WordPress Plugin 1.14 Free Download – Relevanssi | Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search WP Plugin is a premium most advanced WordPress plugin that automatically fixes the search. You would get best results first, with highlights showing the exact part of the document that matched the query. The users of your website or blog will thank you for making their search experience more advance and more simply to work. They’ll be able to find what they’re looking for.

Relevanssi has bunch of features and lots of room for customization.

But it’s not really about features, it’s about what you get from using Relevanssi:

  • Better results for your users, which means happy users.
  • Better control over search results for you.
  • Better experience for both you and your users.

Demo Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search

Download Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search

Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search

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Free or premium of Relevanssi Premium 1.14 – Fix your WordPress Search

Relevanssi comes in two flavours. Free version of Relevanssi is available from WordPress Plugin Repository. It does the job and has over 250,000 downloads and many satisfied users. For those who want something better, there’s Relevanssi Premium, which you can buy here.

So why go Premium, when the free version is available?

  • Guaranteed support. Free version users get support if I have enough time available.
  • Additional features. Relevanssi is developed actively and new features are added. Free version users won’t get the new features, or get them long after Premium users have enjoyed them.
  • Future development. More users for Relevanssi Premium means I can spend more time developing the plugin.

Changelog 7.12.2015 – ver 4.9
– N/A [To see latest changelog, please visit] Following:
– Easy to install
– Index is updated automatically
– Search arbitrary MySQL columns in wp_posts
– Best results first
– Search post categories, tags and custom taxonomies
– Search posts and pages
– Exclude posts, pages, tags or categories from search
– Search comments and comment authors
– Search custom fields
– Choose between AND and OR operator in search
– Search shortcode content
– Search post excerpts
– Include user profiles in search results
– Newest posts first
– Include taxonomy terms in search results
– Show “Did you mean” suggestions
– Search results show and highlight the matches
– WPML and Polylang integration
– Posts highlight the search term matches
– Use fuzzy matching to make getting hits easier
– Use the NOT operator to exclude search terms
– Adjust the weight of titles, comments and tags
– Adjust weights by post type
– Adjust weights by taxonomy
– Change the operator on the fly if necessary
– Adjust weights by post date
– Adjust weights manually with a filter hook
– Log user queries
– Use stop words to make search better
– Expand queries with synonyms
– Throttling to make searches perform better on big databases
– WordPress Multisite support
– Export / import settings
– Guaranteed support from Mikko
– Have sticky posts in searches based on search term